How Long Does It
Take To Shed

Whether you want to lose
weight for a special occasion
or simply improve your health,
weight loss is a common goal.

Weight loss occurs when
you consistently consume
fewer calories than you
burn each day.

If the number of calories you
consume equals the number
of calories you burn, you
maintain your body weight.

If you want to lose weight,
you must create a negative
calorie balance by
consuming fewer calories
than you burn or burning
more calories through
increased activity.

Because women typically
have a greater fat-to-muscle
ratio than men, they have a
5–10% lower RMR than men
of the same height.

This means that women
generally burn 5–10% fewer
calories than men at rest.
Thus, men tend to lose weight
quicker than women following
a diet equal in calories.

One of the many bodily
changes that occur with
ageing is alterations in body
composition — fat mass
increases and muscle
mass decreases.

Your initial body mass and
composition may also affect
how quickly you can expect
to lose weight.

You must create a negative
calorie balance to lose
weight. The extent of this
calorie deficit affects how
quickly you lose weight.

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