Disha Patani's Looks
Are Sure To Raise

Disha Patani looks sexy
in a razorback black bra.

Disha Patani flaunts her
toned figure in a sexy black
lingerie in her latest shoot.

Disha Patani oozes oomph in
a silver metallic-style
lingerie set.

Disha Patani flaunts
her cleavage in the
animal-print bra.

Disha Patani
looks fabulous in the
mismatched lingerie set.

Disha Patani displays
her toned figure in
the blue lingerie set.

+ + +


Disha Patani looks super
sultry in the black
lingerie set.

Disha Patani looks stellar
in the black and red
cutout lingerie pieces.

Disha Patani looks sexy
in the red crop top
and briefs.

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